“To be the Best Company in the World in Producing Spices and Local Foods of West Sumatra with High Taste and Quality”

Amril – Owner Restumande

This is Amril.

He was a cleaner in Rumah Makan Padang restaurant when he was younger. By the courage he got from his mother and some knowledge from his uncle, Amril built his own Padang restaurant in 2004.


who wish to bring the West Sumatra foods wherever they go.

Due to the large demand from the customer, Amril made an Innovation to produce a ready-made Rendang. We use steam and vacuum technology to make our product have a long shelf life (8-12 months). Since 2016, Restu Mande has been having a wide variation of West Sumatera instant food products.

Product Values

Instant and ready to eat.

The customers don’t need to cook the product first to enjoy the taste.

Safe Ingredients

With HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified, Restu Mande is free from artificial preservative and others chemical hazard.

Original Taste from West Sumatra.

Its founder, Amril, was born and raised in Padang, West Sumatra. Restu Mande has its own original West Sumatra recipes, which makes the food tasted delightful.

Shelf Life up to 8-12 months

With Restu Mande, now the customers can enjoy West Sumatra food anywhere and eat it whenever they want, without worrying it got spoiled.

What Make Us Different from the others.


We have a diverse certifications of our product, local and international. The certificates are the prove that our product is safe, delighted, and tasty.

Awards winning.

We have a various awards that we reached over the years:

  • UKM WOW 2015
  • Winner of UKM Pangan Award from the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, on 2016 and 2017.
  • Best SME Culinary of Blibli Galeri Indonesia, 2020.
  • 2nd Best UMKM Export, Brillianpreneur 2020.
Global delivery and export activity.

With our owned manufacturer and legal certifications, we are able to do export activity worldwide.

Product Certification

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